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A modern agency for Virtual Assisting and Social Media Management and Marketing

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Services & Pricing

Every business and business owner is different. Our services are tailored to your needs to ensure you gain your maximum number of productive hours.  Below are are a few guidelines to give you some insight before you book your consultation.


  • Required Consultation - Complimentary

  • Virtual Assisting billed hourly to the minute

    • Rates start at $38.00/hr

  • Social Media Management billed monthly

    • Packages start at $550.00

  • Weekly Meetings - Included

  • Custom projects quoted separately

    • Content creation and editing

    • Social Media Management full package

    • Graphics and branding creation

    • Strategy consultation


Amanda, Owner, has a diverse background professionally, which has really been an advantage when working independently with businesses and entrepreneurs of different industries. She spent 6 years working in logistics for a small engineering, procurement and construction company. Her main focus was on shipping logistics and office management, but did her fair share of procurement for various piping materials. She then moved on to industrial plant software and devices handling sales and project management. Amanda eventually went back to finish her degree at the University of Houston, and received her BS in Psychology and Business (graduated Magna Cum Laude). During her three years at U of H, she became interested in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and started independent research on leadership, work-life balance and multicultural issues. Fast forward to today, she ultimately took her love of people and puzzles, her skill in efficient organization, and the practicality of being a flexible entrepreneur to serve others in their businesses. The agency is currently operating at full capacity with more amazing clients in the pipeline!



B.S. Psychology
University of Houston



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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.
— Bruce Lee
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